Prayers for Week of July 4 – July 10 (Sun-Sat)

I call on the Lord in my distress,
    and he answers me.

Psalm 120:1

Prayers for our church and community

Prayers that members start volunteering as they come back to church. 
Prayers for the VBS in early August.

Prayers for our members

Requested byPrayer Request
Pastor for Dennis & Sherrie DuossThe MRI results that Sherrie received were not as good as they had hoped. Sherrie is now in hospice care. We do not know for sure how long Sherrie will be with us but from what I hear, her health is deteriorating quickly. Please keep Dennis in your prayers so that he will be able to find comfort and peace in his heart. Please pray for Sherrie that she will be comforted and at peace before her soul is embraced by our Lord.

Prayers for our friends and neighbors

Requested byRequested forPrayer Request
Felicia AstinFriend’s fatherMy friend’s father has been struggling with Covid. He has been hospitalized for a few days and is now put on a ventilator. My friend has been very strong but she is starting to struggle because his situation just keeps getting worse. Prayers for strength for her and comfort for her father.
Felicia AstinStepmotherMy stepmother is a survivor of breast cancer (for about 20 years now). She has recently been having some trouble. They ended up taking biopsies from her uterus because they look suspicious. Please pray for her as we patiently wait for results.
Bonita Wilson DaughtersI am asking for prayers for my two daughters, Julie and Penny. They both are in late stages of Huntington’s disease. Julie is in extreme pain from arthritis too.

Prayer Calendar (Continuing prayers or special dates)

Eugene WenhamOctober visit with cardiologist to see if clean bill of health is maintained.  
Joan FishIn hospice care.
Phyllis BinghamIn hospice care.
Sherrie DuossIn hospice care.

Joys that were shared

Matt JachBeing able to connect with everyone after the year without contact.
Sherrie CottrellWonderful fireworks display
Pastor JonathanFor God’s blessing and grace in the first year of ministry as pastor of Milton UMC. 

Concerns and Prayer requests that were shared

Phyllis BinghamIn hospice care
Matt JachFor the IT personnel who are working due to cybersecurity issues. 
Jodi FanningRecent diagnosis of breast cancer