Prayers for the Week of Sep 19 – Sep 25 (Sun-Sat)

Prayers for our church and community

Prayers that God protects our church and members. 
Prayers that God sends a good Children’s ministry pastor to our church. 

Prayers for our members

Requested byPrayer Request
Dorrie Hunter-EdwardsonPrayers for comfort and and strength as Dorrie has been diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Surgery is set for October 18.

Prayers for our friends and neighbors

Requested byRequested forPrayer Request
Bern JonesHerselfPlease include me in your prayers. I know I’m not a member of your congregation, though follow you faithfully.Currently I’m in need of any prayers I can receive. I am paralyzed following brain surgery from my waist down and find myself struggling. Though I have lost the ability to feel my legs the attempted treatments are extremely painful and honestly don’t know how long I can take this intense level of constant painAny prayers are welcomed and thank you for all you do for your church family, near and far.

Prayer Calendar (Continuing prayers or special dates)

Eugene WenhamOctober visit with cardiologist to see if clean bill of health is maintained.  
Joan FishIn hospice care.
Phyllis BinghamIn hospice care.
Michael GoddingSurgery on Sep. 27

Joys that were shared on Sunday Worship Service

Linda ClementMatt Jachs is out of the hospital and getting stronger.
Sherrie CottrellRuth Group Gathering is starting this week.
Sharon RinehartOpen table is starting on September 25

Concerns and Prayer requests that were shared on Sunday Worship Service

Jerry RondeContinued prayers for Bern Jones so that she can heal.