Our Joys, Concerns and Prayer Requests (Week of July 03)

Prayers for our church and community

God’s blessings upon America. May we be a nation that fears and knows the Lord sharing the wonderful blessings that we have received with others.
Prayers for who are traveling. 

Joys that were shared on Sunday Worship Service

Larry CliftGrateful to be serving at the 4th of July 10K run water stand with Jane.
Sharon RinehartHappy Belated Birthday to pastor.
Jerry RondeBlessed to be back from Colorado Springs to see brother, Darrin who sends his greetings to our church and is retiring after serving faithfuly in his church for 28 years. Thanks for Dennis Peabody recovery.
PastorBlessing to see neighbors joining us for worship.

Concerns and prayer requests that were shared on Sunday Worship Service

Jerry RondePrayers for Bern’s husband who is having hip surgery with 6 to 9 month recovery.
Marilyn EysterPrayers for family of Burnie Love who passes recently.
Emrick GundersonPrayers for Ray Gunderson who is in hospice care now.
Sharon RinehartPrayers for upcoming cataracts surgery.