Our Joys, Concerns and Prayer Requests (Week of October 02)

Prayers for our church and community

Prayers for those who are affected by Huricane Ian.
Prayers that we be a church of disciples that make disciples of Christ.

Joys and Announcements that were shared during Sunday Worship Service

Sharrie CottrellPrayers for the UMW meeting this Wednesday. We will be having a information session on Korea.
PastorPrayers of thanksgiving for being able to participate in the Leadership Institute at the Church of the Ressurection in Kansas City.

Concerns and prayer requests that were shared during Sunday Worship Service

Jillian BauerClassmate had a bad accident and suffered brain damage. Prayers for recovery. Prayers for the 3 children who were hit by cars in Janesville. Prayers for their family.
Larry CliftPrayers for brother and family as his wife passed away this morning.
John BeallPrayers for those who have suffered due to hurricane Ian. His brother had property in Englewood. Prayers for those with damage to property but also prayers for those who are helping with the recovery efforts. Let us not take what we have for granted.