Let us pray together as a body of Christ (Week of December 25)

Prayers for our church and community

Prayers that God opens are eyes to the people around us who need comfort, healing and love. 
Prayers as we remind ourselves of God’s love for us shown through Christ this Christmas day.

Death and Celebration of Life of Maurice Kalb
Visitations will be from Monday (26th) at 9:30 and Service will start at 10:30AM in Albrecht Funeral Homes. 
Joys shared or requested

Everyone that Christ our savior and king was born to give us peace, love, joy and hope.

Concerns and prayer requests shared or requested

People who have lost loved onesthe sudden death of people we love including one woman who fell through the ice and died in Rock River.
Ukrainecontinued prayers for resilience and peace in the nation.
Donna Banefor recovery as she stays with her daughter.