Weekly & Monthly Events


Worship at 9a & 10:39a

In the Sanctuary of MIlton UMC


Children's Sunday School

10:30a each Sunday. Families begin together in worship before children go to Sunday school.




Moms on a Mission Exchange (MOME)

1-3p. Bring a bag of clothes; take a bag or more. Free for all ages. 




The Open Table community meal

4p. A free, community meal, open to anyone and everyone.

Looking Ahead

Important events in the life of our church


Feb. 16

Senior appreciation luncheon

11a | Fellowship Hall. We are pleased this morning to serve those who have long served us! Seniors are invited to a free meal beginning at 11a in the Fellowship Hall. Thank you for your life of service and faithfulness!


Feb. 26

Ash Wednesday

6:30p | Sanctuary. The season before Easter is called Lent, and it begins on Ash Wednesday. The day is named for the ritual of writing ashes in the shape of the cross on one's forehead as a sign of humbling ourselves before God. We recognize this important day with a quiet, simple worship service, open to the community.


Feb. 29

The Open Table (free community meal)

4p | Fellowship Hall. The Open Table, a free community meal, is an informal and welcoming way for the community to gather and enjoy food and each other's company. It is open to anyone and everyone. 


March 4

March 11

March 18

March 25

April 1

Faith-Link Cafe

6p | Fellowship Hall. During the five Wednesdays of Lent (see Ash Wednesday above) we offer a free meal to the community, followed by a brief, informal but lively conversation. The topics vary and are designed to connect faith with your daily life. (Faith-Link, get it?) The meal begins at 6p, the conversation at 6:30p. Free and open to the community.


March 14

MOME clothing exchange (Moms on a Mission Exchange)

1-3p | Fellowship Hall. We offer men's, women's, teens, maternity and children's clothing, for free. Open to the public.


March 22

United Methodist Women's Sunday

9a & 10:30a | Sanctuary. The United Methodist Women are the world's largest denominational faith organization for women, with an active unit here at Milton UMC. On this day, members of the UMW lead us in worship, emphasizing the central themes of the organization: spiritual growth, education and justice & compassion for women and youth around the world. Please join us in worship, and for refreshment times after each service.


March 22

Coffee with the Pastor

11:45a | Cafe 26, 740 E. St. Mary St., Milton. An informal hour-long conversation held each month. Open to all. Days and times change monthly to accommodate people's schedules.


April 9

Holy Thursday

6:30p | Sanctuary. Christians observe Holy Week in the days leading to Easter. On Holy Thursday, we commemorate the Last Supper that Jesus shared with his disciples. Join us for a celebration of Holy Communion in an intimate setting that recalls the friendship and devotion Jesus shared with his followers. Open to the community.


April 10

Good Friday

6:30p | Sanctuary. Good Friday is a strange name for the day we remember Jesus' crucifixion. "Good" used to connote "pious" or "holy," certainly the sense in which we remember Jesus' death. (Kind of like the Bible was sometimes called the "good book," or "holy book." This somber worship service is nonetheless an important part of our journey toward Easter. We first die in Christ before we are raised in Christ. Even at the depths of our Christian lives, God reaches down to save us. Open to the community.


April 12


7a, 9a & 10:30a | West lawn and Sanctuary. Unlike the fixed date of Christmas on Dec. 25, the date of Easter depends on a centuries-old formula: It's the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the spring equinox. Regardless of when it's observed, Easter is the pinnacle celebration of Christianity: Christ's resurrection! To quote Wilson Pruitt: "Trees lose their leaves in the fall and go dormant, budding in the springtime. Jesus Christ did not go dormant. He did not go to sleep. He died. And then the impossible happened. Resurrection is a belief that the God of all creation has defeated death and will make all things new, beginning with Jesus, continuing with all of us. The Christian hope does not rest in clouds and harps but in the new creation, in all things being made new." We celebrate with worship beginning outdoors around the fire at 7a, and in the Sanctuary at 9a & 10:30a. Open to all!


April 18

Pre-General Conference Listening Session

9:30a | Sanctuary. The Wisconsin Delegation to General & Jurisdictional Conferences has scheduled informational sessions throughout the Wisconsin Annual Conference in the coming months. The purpose of these gatherings is to provide information and answer questions on what is coming before the General Conference in May and Jurisdictional Conference in July. These sessions are open to all whom are interested. 

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