We as a church believe in the power of prayer. It is one of our touchstones. If you have a prayer request please share it with the pastor. There are prayer cards available in the sanctuary entrance as well. Please fill it out and drop it in the offering plate.

Members of our prayer team make a commitment to set apart a time together with other members of our team to pray deeply for prayer requests given for the prayer chain every Saturday evening at 7PM.

Our prayer shawl team wants to share God’s warm embrace with those who need prayer.

Please see the list below for this week’s prayer wall. If there is any information you would like to be taken out or corrected please contact the pastor right away. We try to make every effort to have accurate information but some of it may be delayed or lost while transmitted.

  • Prayers for the Week of July 18 – July 24 (Sun-Sat)

    The Lord watches over you—
    the Lord is your shade at your right hand;
    the sun will not harm you by day,
    nor the moon by night.

    Psalm 121:5-6

    Prayers for our church and community

    Prayers for VBS preparations.
    Prayers for hearts to become participants in worship. 

    Prayers for our members

    Requested byPrayer Request
    Amanda WilderPlease add me to the prayer chain. I tweaked my lower back so badly on Wednesday evening that I can barely walk and move around. My sciatic nerve is pinching as well. Took yesterday and today off of work to rest. Thankfully Ryan has been a huge help. I pray I can play in the bell choir on Sunday morning.

    Prayers for our friends and neighbors

    Requested byRequested forPrayer Request
    Amanda BarnesNephew, JordanOur family is asking for MANY PRAYERS. Jordans (our nephew who’s is fighting stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer) is back and it’s all over his body. He is going in on the 26th of July to start chemo and immune therapy.  This week is his 5th birthday (July 21st), and we are trying to capture as many memories as we can. The treatment is going to be AGGRESSIVE, and he is going to get very sick. We pray that the treatment works and that he can come home after a week, but we also know there is a high chance he won’t come home. We are praying that the Doctors and Nurses have the strength and power to heal him. That his parents have peace knowing that GOD is in control and that we trust his plan.
    Carolyn JonesFamily Mom (Xzanna Christine Harris) passed this morning (fri). It is very hard on the family and my Father who has Dementia is not taking it well at all. Continued prayers for us in this time. Thank you.
    Sue KoepkeGarretMy former student, Garret, is in need of our prayers.  He is 12 years old and from Wisconsin.  Garret underwent a very complicated 12-hour surgery in Boston on Monday, in order to be able to swallow and eat by mouth rather than by feeding tube.  The surgery and recovery process was going well, however, today has been a rough day for Garret and his family.  He has developed a fever, and fluid is building in his chest.  Please put Garret and his family, who are with him in Boston, on our prayers chain.

    Prayer Calendar (Continuing prayers or special dates)

    Eugene WenhamOctober visit with cardiologist to see if clean bill of health is maintained.  
    Joan FishIn hospice care.
    Phyllis BinghamIn hospice care.

    Joys that were shared on Sunday Worship Service

    Sharon RinehartSherrie Duoss’ funeral. Thank you to helpers from our church.
    PastorBiometrics registration for immigration services went well without issue. Was nice to see new Bucks stadium.  

    Concerns and Prayer requests that were shared on Sunday Worship Service (none given)